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Watermelon is us very a kind of fruit that love, much juice is contained among watermelon, can have the effect of compensatory body moisture and satisfy one’s thirst effectively, especially the effect that summertime edible watermelon can have effectively to see hot weather, better to the body, and watermelon besides eat beyond watermelon skin also can make all sorts of cate and fruit juice, juice of classics tipple watermelon can alleviate effectively lung disease, have the effect that relieve a cough.

What does watermelon skin extract juice effect and action to have?

What effect and effect does watermelon skin have?

1, repair basks in the skin. Summertime weather is torrid, when also eating watermelon just about. Torrid weather makes the person goes out to bask in the skin easily, serious conference appears the roseola since desquamate, the feeling is burning. If this moment can put on the ice glacial watermelon skin to wipe the skin that basks in, can alleviate very well skin harm, repair basks in the skin of the injury.

2, the clear hot weather that heat up solution. The weather with torrid summer, appear very easily sweltering symptom, candy souse is added with watermelon skin in rural classics regular meeting next edible, need souse only a few hours can eat, the water that watermelon skin ooze comes out is drunk after falling can disappear heat satisfy one’s thirst, still can fall fire. Prevent to suffer heatstroke.

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, alleviate cough. Watermelon skin and white candy water are drunk, it is natural relieve a cough fine medicine, opposite at relieving a cough commonly for medicine, this kind of means already good drink healthy, have relieve a cough very well the action of make expectoration easy.

4, remedial constipation. The summer because weather is torrid, the person is very easy and hot and dry occurrence constipation of suffer from excessive internal heat, this moment is OK appearance of watermelon skin take out after Pi Zhi, after be being hit into juice, take below, can have very good aperient effect.

5, hairdressing is raised colour. See a lot of girls eat watermelon before, stick watermelon skin on the face to chafe back and forth next, just know now, of the effect of hairdressing of roommate of original watermelon skin.

6, ulcer of remedial oral cavity. Watermelon skin is in rural person eye can be treasure, hate to part with desertion, watermelon skin insolation1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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It is not only later together very delicious delicate, cutcha watermelon skin also has the effect that treats ulcer at the same time. Make cutcha watermelon skin into pulverous shape, ginger powder daub is in place of oral cavity ulcer, have very good effect so.

What does watermelon skin extract juice effect and action to have?

The note of watermelon skin

1, watermelon skinA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The gender is cold, taste is cold wet person abstinence;

2, kidney function is not complete person edible watermelon skin can add heavy oedema;

3, skin of excessive edible watermelon can reduce appetite, cause dyspeptic;

4, watermelon skin cannot be fed together with seafood, hotpot and banana, can cause otherwise giddy, diarrhoea, disgusting wait for undesirable symptom;

5, because pesticide is used now overmuch, because this is in edible watermelon skin when, best take out is cuticular.

What does watermelon skin extract juice effect and action to have?

Watermelon skin presses juice effect and action

[cook cate] : Watermelon skin is right1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Human body has so many profit, nevertheless however unlike flesh is delicate in that way and clinking, general cannot direct edible. But can make melon skin cate. It is the flesh burns watermelon skin. Practice and red carbonado are about the same, wait for the flesh to be close to burn ripe when join the watermelon skin that has cut to use small baked wheaten cake to tasty together can. Pass neverthelessShanghai night net

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Candy had better not be added in Cheng, in order to maintain the mouthfeel of melon skin and nutrition.

2 it is skin of watermelon of cold and dressed with sause. The green melon skin is cortical ream, the part that takes white cuts small. Put caraway, mashed garlic into a bowl, put right amount salt, vinegar, white sugar, balm, plain boiled water, smooth fall in the agitate on melon skin later can.

[beautiful skin] : The vitamin C that contains among watermelon skin and vitamin E are very tall, it is the good stuff of external use beautiful skin. Slimy apply can pound melon skin to be on the face when use, after maintaining 15 minutes, clean can. Insist to use can make skin white tender, smooth.

[the United States is white] : Melon ammonia acid is contained in watermelon skin heal of heat of advantageous make water, solution, stimulative cut and metabolism of skin of stimulative human body, beautiful white moist skin, the effect that desalt blain imprints.

[the rehabilitate after basking in] : Watermelon skin basks in a respect to have certain effect in cure: Cut watermelon skin small chip, apply is on the skin that bask in an injury, 5, 10 minutes change, the in can putting watermelon skin into freezer first cold storage with the more severe case that bask in an injury, put apply on the ice again, hold to a week, cure basks in the effect apparent.

[go prickly heat] : The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, because fill,prickly heat isForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Summerly season, hotly nip is wet, accumulate knot skin, bring about be caused by of a place of strategic importance of gloomy of wool a key to do sth, and watermelon skin has the effect with clear heat, alexipharmic, wet benefit, so, no matter be external use to be taken orally, have certain effect to prickly heat of prevention and cure.

[treat a disease] : The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine calls watermelon skin ” watermelon emerald green garment ” , heat up disappear heat with Yu Qing, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty. Because rife candy component is contained like flesh of melon skin unlike, suit edible of of all kinds crowd so.

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