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Now, everybody is in edible flesh kind when had not been confined to a few common kinds, large intestine also became a kind of extraordinary popularity feed capable person. With other flesh kind photograph comparing, the smell of large intestine is sweeter, and bite the feeling that rise also more muscle path, it is a very pretty good dish. Large intestine uses flour to wait for many times to clean besides need besides, and also want to notice when fry, appear very easily otherwise bite immobile phenomenon. So, how is unripe bowel fried more fragile?

How is unripe bowel fried more fragile

Explode fry a pig to give birth to bowel

The taste of this dish is saltier, little, basically rely on to explode fry and become, hope everybody likes.

Above all, the pig that buys unripe bowel is cleaned clean, must wash with saline rub, just clean the dirty thing in pig bowel easily.

Next, the scissors that uses clean (want a kitchen special, avoid a bacterium) give a pig to give birth to bowel to cut a paragraph small a paragraph small, cut out again beautiful shape.

Make its easy even in cooking process be heated.

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Want to be caught with salt next, reoccupy clear water is washed many times, stink of take out raw meat or fish.

Finally, put salt, Jiang Mo with Wen Shui, bubble of pig unripe bowel 20 minutes or so.

How is unripe bowel fried more fragile

After bubble enough time, do moisture drop, join condiment afresh: Powder of Chi of salt, Jiang Mo, beans, garlic, unripe pink, unripe smoke, mix is even.

Hot pot, cheer, the pig gives birth to the rejoin after oily heat bowel, break up equably fry, here one key is noddedLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, to make every flesh even be heated, Shanghai night net

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Only then break up fry speed need not too fast, can boil a little.

Can give birth to bowel from pig of the judgement on appearance ripe, should become only ” blossom ” in that way, it is OK to prove.

Break up quickly ceaselessly then fry, join a few to be born finally smoke chromatically, can give boiler to install dish of edible next.

How is unripe bowel fried more fragile

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Pig unripe bowel is contained protein, calcic, adipose wait for corporeal composition, have the effect of human body of intestines and stomach of filling empty caustic, embellish, abundant, mouthfeel bright is fragile, and without fishy smell. Can burn, can fry, can bittern, OK iron plate, OK also the simplest scald water dips in juice.

Sexual flavour pleasant is smooth. Commonly used come ” solid large intestine ” , as cure long have diarrhoea prolapse of the anus, n/med having blood in one’s stool, of haemorrhoid auxiliary articleLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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. In if pagoda tree flower, fruit of citron or trifoliate orange brings into bowel,can using proper remedy, plunge into calm, the cooked food that boil. Gu Fang also has pill to use. Be like ” surprise effect effective prescription ” pig dirty bolus, the pagoda tree the flower is fried grind for end, bring into bowelNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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In, the vinegar that use rice is boiled sodden, make bolus take.

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