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Wild jujube does not see build very small, but its nutrient value is exceedingly high, come with wild jujube at ordinary times bubble wine, nutrient effect is very pretty good, good energy of life be good at lienal action, have the effect that raises liver warm heart, promoting haemal circulation respect, yan Fang face is raised to have certain effect in hairdressing, at ordinary times if go outNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Show insomnia to also can be drunk appropriately a few, have calm the nerves the effect that helps Mian, what do the effect that will we come to see alcoholic drink of wild jujube bubble and action have?

The effect of wine of wild jujube bubble and action

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The effect of wine of wild jujube bubble and action

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Rutin part is contained in wild jujube, this kind of material has the effect of bate blood-vessel, can many after bubble wine deliquescent in wine, right amount at ordinary times drinkable, can enhance oneself blood capillary show gender and flexibility, have the effect of auxiliary step-down, suit hypertensive patient very drinkable.

The effect of wine of wild jujube bubble and action

2: Hairdressing is raised colour

Wild jujube is a jujube is former unripe kindLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, the content of vitamin C is extremely high, the content of C of the vitamin in 100g wild jujube is controlled in 1200mg, this kind of vitamin has extremely strong fight oxidisability, can help airframe the freedom of cleared oneself base, reduce its the injury to soma, be opposite especially the protective action of skin cell is very good, can come as wine of hairdressing preserve one’s health drinkable.

The effect of wine of wild jujube bubble and action

3: ? Does し bilk ń Yao?

The content of C of wild jujube vitamin is very high, the vitamin keeps clear of besides play in human body the action of freedom radical, still can promote style inside of redundant cholesterol change, eat biliary acid raw, reduce the content of the cholesterol inside body, the nature of danger of form become a common practice of gall-stone can be reduced, rise to prevent the action of gall-stone.

4: Insomnia of prevention and cure

Leaf of wild jujube, wild jujube benevolence, wild jujube has the very good effect that prevents insomnia, basically be its have composed effect, moreover wine oneself also has sleep peacefully certainly action, wine of a few wild jujube is drunk right amountly before sleeping, can rise to adjust the action of central nervous, your body is in the condition that fits Morpheus, improve Morpheus quality effectively.

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