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When once appear,the cold coughs, the person’s resistance can become frail, want those who notice many sided to nurse at that time, want to notice the environment of the life for instance, the heat preservation that should notice oneself, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Of be in a bad way can take medicine cure. But without giving thought to anybody, the food when occurrence cold coughs must correct, for the cold cough patient recommends a few suitable food below.

It what cough cold eats is good that what cough cold eats fast? Recommend eat these 10 kinds!

1, turmeric milk

Turmeric is foregone cure virus sex infection, be like symptom of cough of child occurrence cold, can join turmeric powder a cupShanghai nobleLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Heat up milk, give the child take medicine with water every night. It can alleviate immediately not only child sore throat and snorty symptom, the child that still can be you offers rich calcic ion.

It what cough cold eats is good that what cough cold eats fast? Recommend eat these 10 kinds!

2, egg of acetic simmer in water

Egg of acetic simmer in water treats all sorts of cough to have surprise effect. Take an egg 1, hit in divide evenly of the agitate in the bowl, half spoon puts rice vinegar to fry pan, decoct puts the egg to fry after leaving with article baked wheaten cake, right amount white sugar is added after the egg is ripe, cool hind eat namely. Everyday time takes 1 each. Eat twice to be able to relieve a cough commonly, the person that weigh can heal 3 days.

It what cough cold eats is good that what cough cold eats fast? Recommend eat these 10 kinds!

3, water of black soya bean

Black soya bean has magical effect in remedial cough respect, always cough because of what the cold brings about, need to add black soya bean right amount water only, evaporate of the boiler that use phone is ripe, drinkable its juice, can produce the effect that relieve a cough.

4, bean curd candy

Bean curd 500 grams, brown sugar, white sugar each 100 grams. One brood is dug among bean curd, bring into red, white sugar, put a bowlLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Water is lain between to boil 30 minutes inside. Eat, take 4 times repeatedly. Qing Dynasty is hot, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, moisten the respiratory tract, treat cough asthma aue to excessive phlegm.

5, Jiang Shang

The Jiang Shang that make, xian Jiang puts 500 Bo two pieces to rise cold water in, after boil1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Put brown sugar one spoon. Because ginger has Wen Zhong to come loose,this basically is cold action, and brown sugar is had lukewarm the effect that neutralizes a stomach, this method agrees with the cough that chill cold causes.

6, honey

Honey contains rich antioxidant, can help the infection that defies the cold is caused, in addition, honey is thicker stiff, its fight oxidation composition to be abounded more. To honey relieve a cough action, the expert explains, honey is sticky stiff, smell is sweet and the exudation that chroma can increase saliva greatly, the help is expectorant with lubricant respiratory tract. Ni Yazhou of standard of American guest evening considers to confirm, suffer from on before Tong Lin sleeps, the child of the cold drinks honey, relieve a cough than taking liquid medicine can relieve a cough effectively more, and they also sleep more smooth and steadily.

7, corn needs tangerine skin

Corn beard, tangerine skin each are right amount, add water simmer in water in all, day is taken 2 times. Relieve a cough expectorant. Treat chill cough, phlegmy much.

8, white sugar mixes egg

Suffer from chronic bronchitic person, easy fit coughs after catch a cold catchs a cold, pectoral painful gas closes to, be perturbed uneasiness. Mix with the egg after evaporate of white sugar classics is boiled, take, the effect is very good. Egg extraction delicacy, knock is inside small bowl, do not mash yoke, albumen, add right amount white sugar and spoonful vegetable oil, water steam is lain between to boil in putting bowl, face in the late evening heat is taken the advantage of to eat before sleeping. Ate 2 ~ 3 times to cough but heal. Cough bigot can eat a few times more.

9, soup of red pear tendril-leaved fritillary bulb

To wind heat cough, can use tendril-leaved fritillary bulb to boil boiling water, avoid is acrimony, fat during taking tendril-leaved fritillary bulb food, the darling with frail taste is unfavorable take.

10, ginger honey water

Ginger has vomit of sudoriferous induce sweat, lukewarm break down, lukewarm lung to relieve a cough, the effect such as detoxify, the action that its Xin Wenfa comes loose can promote those who enrage blood to move. Honey is OK drive is cold, treat a cold, have a variety of profit to human body. Ginger is abluent, cut Jiang Mo next, put into the cup, develop bubble into boiled water, next static after waiting for 10 minutes, when the Wen Jiang that need water arrives under 60 Celsius, join 10-20 to overcome right-and-left honey, mix is evenForum of Shanghai night net

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, water of ginger end honey is made finished.

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