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Ginseng has a variety of classification, among them one kind is white ginseng, people often calls Bai Can, with ginseng, white ginseng also has powerful effect, can fill for instance lienal beneficial lung, can treat the disease such as taste Xu Han so, besides, because some people are long excessive overworked and become the body is frail, can use white ginseng to fill the body, the effect is first-rate.

What does effect of white ginseng effect have respectively?

One, officinal effect of Bai Can

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Angry: Comfortable at vigour collapse.

① deficiency of vital energy is about to take off, disease sees complexion is cadaverous, palpitation uneasiness, abnormal sweating due to general debility is more than, arteries and veins is tiny extremely person.

② is enraged die in relief, the symptom holds cold sweat dripping wet concurrently above, limb is not lukewarm. Every and monkshood are used together.

2, fill lienal beneficial lung: Can rule deficiency of vital energy of lienal, lung.

① taste is frail, feed little jalf congealed, listless and faint, vomitive have loose bowels, delay of glossal light pulse.

② lung enrages inadequacy, cough asthma is lack of power, use a profit very, empty of spontaneous arteries and veins, easy feeling chill.

3, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty: Hurt thirsty of thirsty, disappear with Yu Jin.

① ferry cut is thirsty, hot injury enrages shade, heat up irritated thirsty personally, sweat gives body tired, arteries and veins is big faint, every and gesso, rhizome of wind-weed is used together.

Hot disappear is thirsty inside ② , irritated thirsty is more than, number of arteries and veins is faint, belong to inside the person that heat up and enrage shade to be not worth. Often use together with the antipyretic that raise shade.

4, calm the nerves add wisdom: Advocate what inadequacy of the blood that control energy of life causes is uneasy, insomnia is forgetful, often deserve to raise heart sedative. Usable still treat deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, impotent reach Xu Xie is filled, all take heart’s-blood of this the flourishing that savor energy of life,

What does effect of white ginseng effect have respectively?

2, clinical action of Bai Can

1, the heat that treat lung coughs: The half that use sand 2, water simmer in water is taken.

2, treat abrupt hair hernia (alvine in reaching nether world1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Angina, go out from the law, a few be about to die) : Grind with the root of straight ladybell fine, every take one teaspoon, wine sends.

3, treat woman leucorrhoea: Grind with the root of straight ladybell fine, every take 2 money, rice water sends.

4, treat premature ejaculation involuntary emission, night sweat of deficiency of yin with irritability, swimmy have a headache: The pathology key of premature ejaculation is not hiding essence of life at kidney, cause leak of seminal involuntary discharge of urine. the person that involuntary emission belongs to kidney empty not to originally is much.

5, treat woman uterine bleeding, postpartum cruel take off, long empty not answer: Uterine bleeding is to show the woman is not be expert at period, the vagina bleeds in great quantities, or leave hematic free from inhibition continuously ceaseless. With bleeding suddenly, the force with which sth breaks out is urgent, the name with hematic much capacity ” collapse ” . Delay of the force with which sth breaks out, hematic quantity is little, the name with ceaseless dripping wet ” leak ” .

6, control damage of empty of internal lesion caused by overexertion, feed little tiredShanghai night net

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Idle, queasy spit feed: Unripe Bai Can (Bai Can, wild hill is joined) the gender is cool, natural disposition is mellow, without firm intense atmosphere, be enrage alimentary Yin Jin in order to fill, especially alone pace. Be like the body of deficiency of yin with irritability, photograph fire rises easily, criterion appropriate uses unripe Bai Can, unfavorable with red ginseng.

What does effect of white ginseng effect have respectively?

3, edible method of Bai Can

1, crocus, fine pink of white ginseng wear, swallow everyday, dosage inspects individual constitution and decide, general every time 2 grams.

2, stew boil: Bai Can often is accompanied when edible it is certain to have acrid, if mix Bai Can,a boil such as thin pork of essence of life, chicken, fish is stewed, but disappearShanghai noble baby

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Divide acrid, nourishing use a method by force personally

3, evaporate takes: Bai CanLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Cut 2 centimeters of chip, put china bowl inside, add full water, seal close bowl mouth, put the evaporate inside park boiler to stew 30 minutes or so (also but the time of evaporate is again bit longer) can take.

4, strong tea: Will join slice in vain, be put inside the bowl or in the cup, develop bubble with boiled water, frowsty lid can be taken after 5 minutes.

5, boil congee: Cut Bai Can thin Ding Pian, when breakfast boils congee, put a few fills greatly

6, chew feed: Cut Bai Can thin Ding Pian, take 2 ~ 3 to nibble in be being contained at the mouth, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid life-giving, gan Liang is goluptious, it is the simplest take a method.

7, bubble wine: Will whole Bai Can but slice is loaded 50 ~ are used inside bottle 60 degrees liquor immerses, daily pour affection is taken.

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