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During be being treated, the diet that imposes integratedly to children nephrosis nurses also is very crucial, want to make sound dietary plan according to the little patient’s pathogeny and specific illness, want the dietary convention with good nurturance at the same time, cooperate again actively to medication, avoid an illness to relapse, achieve the goal that effect a radical cure thereby.

Is children nephrosis asked for integratedly how to arrange food?

Children nephrosis asks for food integratedly to note a point

1, restrict salt: Answer to the basis has Tong Shui swollen rate and be decided, high oedema person avoid salt, oedema is reducedLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
And low salt of the person that did not use up (salt measures daily 2-3 to overcome or so) , retreat to oedema, when it is normal that serous albumen restores to be close to, can give common food.

Is children nephrosis asked for integratedly how to arrange food?

2, the protein quantity that absorb a person: Nephrosis is asked for integratedlyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Have many albuminuria eduction, disease of low albumen blood often makes colloid is permeated pressure drop, it is difficult to make oedema stubborn thereby disappear, airframe resistance also drops subsequently, reason is asked for integratedly inchoately in nephrosis, without kidney function exhaustion gets a circumstance to fall, should assure to grow up everybody is daily about 0.7, 1 grams / Kg weight protein is absorbed, conduce to alleviate hematic disease reachs low albumen to be caused subsequently complication.

3, adipose: Nephrosis is asked for integratedly suffer from Tongchang to have tall lipemia. 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Slight pathological change suffer from Tong Yin short-term inside the illness can improve, reason is adipose absorb a person unlimited; wait to treat sexual nephrosis hard to be asked for integratedly to velar sex nephrosis suffer from child, long-term tall lipemia can cause arteriosclerosis, accordingly, should restrict hoof marrow, fat to reach contain a lot oftallow fat to get food.

4, vitamin, calcium and microelement must absorb: Ask for integratedly in nephrosis suffer from Tong Zhong, as a result of kidney spherule radical film is connected appear a gender to increase, missing albumin is divided in its make water beyond, can lose at the same time with albumenShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Union gets certain element and hormone, can cause secondhand be short of calcic, magnesian, zinc to wait, to usable medicaments or this food supply.

Children nephrosis is asked for integratedly it what eat is good to what eat

1, pachyrhizus: Pachyrhizus contains rich fiber to pledge, and pachyrhizus is loose easy digest, can promote nephrosis to suffer from Tong Chang stomach to wriggle, conduce defecate.

Is children nephrosis asked for integratedly how to arrange food?

2, oaten: Oaten have slippery bowel aperientShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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action, eye eyebrow can make bulk of excrement and urine greaten, moisture increases, cooperate fiber to promote peristalsis of intestines and stomach, produce the effect with aperient poisonous platoon. Nephrosis suffers from evaporate of Tong Ke general ripe oaten hit into juice to regard as beverage will drink is right choice, when agitate is hit, also can join other feed capable person, be like apple, currant, nutrition can promote defecate again.

3, Yi benevolence: The action of Yi benevolence is to be able to be promoted suffer from child people the metabolization of blood that circulate and promotes moisture, produce the result of diuresis detumescence, can conduce to improvement oedema fat, yi benevolence water is the good method that discharge poison, directly Jiang Yi benevolence is boiled with boiled water after rotting, comfortable individual taste adds the candy of a few, it is skin beauty white natural maintain article.

4, millet: Millet does not contain gluten, sufferring from millet of the edible between Tong Changshi is wall of path of won’t exciting bowel, because this is to belong to gentler fiber to pledge, be digested easily, because this suits nephrosis to suffer from child edible of tie-in platoon poisonous eat, millet congee has clear hot diuresisForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
effect, suit to discharge poison very much.

5, ormosia: Ormosia is a kind of food that can make intestines and stomach wriggles, ormosia has very big effect to relieving constipation, stimulative micturition. Electric meal Bao can use ormosia to stew before sleep boil immerse for some time, the ormosia soup water that lies between a day to will not have candy is drunk when boiled water, can promote a poison effectively.

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