The intermediary outside now brought a law to often accuse a banner to fall to make newly for us ” Yi Su 8: Da Na’s requiem (Ys:LAcrimosa Of Dana) ” new information, we know red hair before of sword person good base friend is much stranger in be being made originally, will come on stage, the government affirms now female advocate Da Na also can have good sister to come on stage.

Olga (CV: Lu Ye actors or actress with) green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of Da Na, to the effort with very strict to the person oneself, often care her to Dana advice.

Salad depends on (CV: Gold has rare) the green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of Da Na and Olga, be not the girl with soft normal temperature, although very gentle and quiet but can have keen speech now and then.

Ka Telin (CV: Equal remaining part bright sweet) person of duty of female forge smelt metal, grandfather is Luo Men’s Caesarean renown artisan, experience human relations Baerdiya of shipwreck of date passenger ship among them one person.

Ai Yalan (CV: Zhu Benying history) 36 years old, luo Men’s Caesarean military police member is chasing the convict of atrocious incident, however during transit accident of shipwreck of be involved in, make in prop go up with establishment construction very active also.

– the person such as Da Na holds the position of important post in lives kingdom, the business that accords with footing should be done when communal circumstance but private time continues to maintain friend to concern.

– basic can castaway people collect seaborne village, but exploration member can set bivouac land everywhere in what arrive, the return can have over.

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