Now (on June 11) on E3 news briefing, SE announced ARPG to be made newly ” ghost cries state ” new prevue. SE still announces ” ghost cries state ” will on August 22 put on sale, land PS4, PC and NS platform. Newest and premonitory:
” ghost cries state ” it is game of RPG of a movement, told about world of the person that be born ” disgraced ” with the dead’s world ” quiet life ” two worlds move back and forth, the place of mysterious watcher Kagachi that saves confused soul braids ” life ” content language, develop the force that a chain of battle takes a risk. ” ghost cries state ” the battle is frank and rich strategical, the player can let ghost person add a body to be on him body in the dead’s world, gain the strength that fights with demon content thereby, different ghost person has different weapon and action type, the ghost person that adds a body will produce an effect to player battle means. Because this chooses switch according to war situation,add the secret of success that body spirit person is conquer demon content. If repeat,use same a ghost person battle, in promotion ability while still can acquire richer action style. Video cut pursues:

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