Got each respect fully 2015 in the course reputably ” koradji 3: Mad hunt ” after rolling out, ” koradji ” series between whole player group famous degree also because game is very rich, contain be enmeshed the world of feeling and by all sorts of stories that original work novel derives promote substantially. But the author of this series novel, andrzej Sapkowski, the game work that adapts to his novel all the time however has veiled word quite, just beginning this old gentleman is not very wait for see game behaves a form this kind, but jump in koradji series sales volume, after fame magpie rises, ask for farther compensation and cent to become again. The development business Poland of game has made response harmony with respect to this matter before CDPR bright, represent the agreement with original basis, had paid an author corresponding fee, but both sides reached further agreement again it seems that now, offerred more compensation to Sapkowski. According to the view of polish media Puls Biznesu, after CDPR has been the same as Andrzej Sapkowski of koradji series author to gain a success with respect to the follow-up work of game, be opposite the farther compensation of former writer comes to an agreement. The agreement that original Sapkowski and CDPR sign is with one-time charge (also not be very much) the right that the form adapts this novel play sold CDPR, and rather than undertakes according to gain per cent is divided into. Sapkowski can succeed so to game at that time and gain does not have how many confidence, but went 10 years, what the circumstance thinks with him apparently is different. Later both sides once had had a controversy with respect to additional compensation and primitive arrangement, CDPR rejected the compensation of 16 million dollar that Sapkowski raises. Now the report according to Puls Biznesu, CDPR agrees to compensate Sapkowski further, it is koradji after all of this one classical series be born also is as inseparable as original work. Consider koradji series will adapt the teleplay of Netflix additionally, CDPR also facilitates to Sapkowski additional compensation safeguard this a series of good figure.

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