In a year of in the past, contest of global game, report and mobile market experienced a lot of development that allow a person to shine at the moment. These trends will naturally ferment continuously 2019 and outspread. But in a new year, the market also can be born a more is brand-new, overturn quality and the change of the shock. Through the abidance to the market survey reachs an analysis, we listed for this 3 big fields a few trends that deserved attention 2019. The market that increases continuously 2019, global game market reachs development slightly the market dimensions under 150 billion dollar. Mobile game income will grow considerably again, basically get the rising market such as India drive. In the meantime, lead plane game also will receive the year of another driving growth. However, global dimensions the growth potential of the Chinese game market with the biggest, the most rich and generous profit will be restricted. To the end of 2019, the market anticipation to next generation sport lead plane will defer the growth of income of lead plane game. Suo Ni and Microsoft: Although have,include one when dark wave moves year ” ultimate survivor 2 ” and ” warlike machine 5 ” inside of game of a few heavy pounds release, suo Ni and Microsoft will spend a relatively quiet year in 2019 years. Because two companies are receiving those who issue generation sport lead plane to bring to change in be eager for doing sth,this basically is. 2020, we predict Suonihui conducts the relevant activity of PlayStation by oneself, release PlayStation5. Differ with Microsoft, suo Ni will not be in 2019 or rolled out the lead plane with lower price for cloud game 2020. On the other hand, ren Tiantang will release the Nintendo Switch of new fund, increase for the player for example the configuration such as high quality screen. The PC that is about to turn white-hot carries game store contend for go up in PC game, steam already forestall market of digital game store exceeds 10 years. However, in the end 2018, the market greeted Epic Games (Epic Games Store) with Discord (Discord Store) challenge. Epic uses his giant ” the night of fort ” vermicelli made from bean starch group will attract customer, offer exclusive privilege and better income to allocate a mechanism to want affiliation game developer. We predict Epic Games Store will achieve driving growth in next year, but of store of tripartite game (in a limited time) trade solely, will make player of traditional PC game feel very incommensurate. Of store of in a limited time tripartite game trading solely is one of ecosystem of PC game store new phenomenon, it has been used to platform to those instead the lead plane of exclusive mechanism / a too big question is not for player of Xin Jin PC. The income that Discord announces it is better that developer is to offer on Discord Store recently is divided into (the 90/10 of deflection developer is divided into) . Of China new of the superintendency reform that superintends the strategy that develops the effect domestic and internationally business to be in China and game ethics committee after establishing, game publisher can be encountered when the plan releases game more or less obstacle. To accord with the standard of game ethics committee, foreign company must throw time and resource to undertake be adjustmented accordingly to their game — of course, game company has the case that there is enough hope in the expression that is in China to their product to fall only, ability can undertake adjustment. This is meant only the biggest play and IP just can try to be issued in Chinese market. New code still can make Chinese game company shifts the emphasis abroad, especially Han of southeast Asia, day, Euramerican wait for the market that has higher latent capacity with middle east. Electronic athletics member honour enjoy content to will become more welcome member honour enjoys content to began to appear 2018, make vermicelli made from bean starch organic can be content of additional electric contest video to pay fee. For example, buy Twitch keep watch after vanward All-Access pass, vermicelli made from bean starch can watch additional video content, direct seeding of the interlocution after the game that includes titbits of behind the curtain, player, much view and other match content. still cooperates with ESL, DreamHack, PGL and Face It, those who cannot offer other platform at present temporarily is high grade view an experience, 4 living broadcast are set during including the game / photograph like camera lens. Alliance of issue of each big cable competition and hookup company will continue to search commercialize mode newly, we also can see more memberships that roll out in the light of electric competition issue 2019 honour enjoy content. Player of profession of more report contest will be favorred just by the brand 2019, the abidance of electronic athletics among development and the sale activity that its will spur players of more electric contest profession to share mainland and international market in the welcome degree in mainstream culture. There had been a lot of notable cases 2018 — ” the hero is allied ” star Uzi and lake person are active service giant star Le Bulang. Zhanmusi gives those who overcome China to be able to bear or endure now together ” Dribble ” this one propaganda, namely among them an example. Similar case still has the commercial ad that Hai Fei silk and RAMZES666 of Dota 2 player release together in Russia. His teammate Solo in also goes out for Ji Lie had performed similar ad. In addition, as at present the most welcome ” the night of fort ” advocate sow, ninja also appears in the advertisement of SamSung, published the title page of a thread-bound book of ESPN magazine. Electric contest place develops to rise as electronic athletics heat at full speed, need has more bigger, better, place to satisfy the need of match spot audience. Number of audience of global electron athletics will from 2018 395 million 456 million what increase to 2019. Resemble keeping watch such large league matches plans vanward league matches and LPL in let take part in the match in the near future the team is in oneself advocate field match, because this market is right comfortable the demand that matchs place also can promote ceaselessly. Have the electric contest arena in be being built in great quantities at present, a lot of will open 2019. A few notable example include: Fist company is in the LCK electron arena of Korea head Er; Blessing surpasses an university in Florida city value 6 million dollar will become the biggest university electron arena on the world house; Still have the arena of the first electron that Canada establishs in Lishiman likewise. In a few months of future, we will see more appears between news about the announcement of electric contest place. The southeast Asia of market of contest of southeast Asia report that continues to fly is 2019 report contest absolutely year the area that deserves attention. This area is had add fast group of the fastest electric contest vermicelli made from bean starch, this group predicts to be able to reach 31.9 million person 2019. the four seasons was spent 2018, cooperative partner negotiates Singtel group and its area to establish game and group of electric contest ecology in southeast Asia, Australia and India, this plan means electric contest to there will be great progress in southeast Asia area. What be worth to be carried more is, athletics game (” Dota 2 ” , ” furnace stone is fabulous ” , ” NBA 2K ” and ” iron fist 7 ” ) will become 2019 the formal project of southeast Asia games. 2019, if emerge is general the news of the new league matches that we predict contest of southeast Asia report and tounament will be ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Epic Games or the heart that will establish mobile shop Epic Games to want to carry the intent that contends for relative superiority or inferiority to be just as minister clear in PC with Steam, and they were carried very likely in shift 2019 (install eminent system especially) the strategy that adopts likeness. At the beginning of 2018, epic Games has decided to bypass Google Play was released through specific download channel ” the night of fort ” An Zhuo edition. We predict Epic Games will bring to issue business to measure the game with custom-built body to download for oneself and other sport implement — the mobile version that is Epic game store substantially. Epic had revealed a company to have to the market large-scale the ability that distributes mobile phone game, at the same time it also is being carried for shift and PC end is built cross platform to develop a tool — this adumbrative fundamental trend changes. If Epic Games can use more friendly to game developer accrual to be divided into mode to attract them to enter,be stationed in new platform, this will affect existing applied process to be divided into mode on great rate, possible sign is worn applied shop begins to move toward terminus. Mobile game will be provided more be enmeshed feeling and athletics sex are in a few years of in the past, the function of the smartphone rises greatly, can catch up with certain notebook computer even — and carry easily than computer. This is brought about once can be in only the game that PC perhaps plays on lead plane — include fire kind, MOBA and (MMO)RPG, had been not on the mobile phone now often see. In the technology drive below, will more was had 2019 good be enmeshed the athletics game of the experience appears in mobile end. The mobile game of these types will be welcomed in the rising market such as India and southeast Asia continuously. Use the latent capacity of these markets, euramerican game issues chamber of commerce to continue to drive the shift of classical PC game to change a course, ” the night of fort ” of mobile edition and blizzard ” dark black destroy divine · immortal ” namely among them two example. 2019: Will not be 5G the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor appears now all following 5G was mentioned in the news related the smartphone. Although media is acclaimed wantonly, we predict this technology will not be started truly before 2020. 2019, only a few a few cities can use 5G. At first, the likelihood has subtle distinction only between 4G and 5G, complete investment uses the infrastructure investment that needs a few years because of 5G and technical breakthrough talent. 5G also will be confined to model of smartphone of a few high end. Although SamSung, Gu Ge, OPPO is mixed China the smartphone that rolled out supportive 5G 2019 to wait for a company to already affirmed, but most user won’t upgrade immediately. In addition, malic company just should be met to 2020 at least 5G skill adds on IPhone mobile phone, going up somehow is 5G technology all-pervading a kind of block up. Apple will enter video field 2019, dishini + will join a series of shedding media serves, include Netflix, yamaxun Prime, hulu, HBO NOW is waited a moment. We predicted to will see another media magnate 2019 — Apple rolls out similar service. At present Apple provides music (Apple Music) , pay (Apple Pay) store with the cloud (ICloud) service, video will be his next layout.

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