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A lot of people are exercising humerus bicipital moment can use method of a lot of means, the method that a lot of people still can use pull-up will exercise this humerus 2 flesh, it is exceedingly good to after humerus 2 fleshes had taken exercise, be improved to body constitution, need to take exercise more namely if constitution of a few people is effeminate take exercise, but mention pull-up, a lot of people do not decide such motion thes upper arm bicipital exercises the effect, so what does pull-up the upper arm bicipital exercises a method to have?

Pull-up thes upper arm bicipital exercises a method

Pull-up basically exercises humerus 2 flesh and back broad flesh two place muscle. As to in the circumstance that does not have appliance ah next taking exercise the upper arm 2 flesh and humerus triceps think that he cannot be taken. ProposalFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The method of use dumbbell, exercise has the following kinds: 1, barbell turn lifts development to the upper arm the classical movement of 2 flesh abdomen, various the person that train a level is applicable. The key exercises humerus head of 2 flesh inside and flesh abdomen, because this movement can make,antebrachium maintains measurable outward turning. Behavioral essentials: The body is erect, grasp in be apart from (with shoulder breadth) grasping barbell, hang down at body before. Two the upper arm stick tight system two side. Bend up lift, to humerus 2 flesh are tightened up completely, stop a bit. Next slow and reductive, the body when the exercise does not want around rock, do not want force of have the aid of. Although lend strength of purpose, extent also cannot too big. Load big when to nadir arm not complete unbend, in case ancon is articulatory get hurt

2, alternant turn raises dumbbell sitting position basically is sculpture and detached humerus 2 flesh. Alternant practice can decrease lend strength, make attention more go up in target flesh centrally, behavioral essentials: Sit in stoolLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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On end or stool of perpendicular back of a chair, both hands holds dumbbell to hang down at body side, the centre of the palm is opposite, two ancon are stuck lean the body two side. It is fulcrum with ancon joint, bend up lift, at the same time on face of the centre of the palm of antebrachium outward turning, lift tighten up to apogeeLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Humerus 2 flesh, stop a bit. Control a gender next reductive. Then another arm makes identical motion. Antebrachium and wrist outward turning are for sufficient systole humerus 2 flesh and exercise humerus head of 2 flesh inside, depart better humerus 2 flesh. This movement also can stand do.

3, brace barbell is inclined holding a turn in the palm to lift is to exercise humerus sarcous is especially good between 2 flesh bottom and ancon joint exercise, can increase humerus bicipital ply, make the upper arm 2 flesh are fuller, modelling is more perfect. Behavioral essentials: Sit on stool, the bosom leans inclined board, the upper arm is put in inclined board on, two tactics is turned overA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Grasp barbell, brachial unbend, maintain body stability. Lift barbell turn apogee forcibly, stop a bit. Next slow and reductive. Attention, arm should sufficient extend, the movement wants slow; to fall to be bent to Ying Wei of joint of the ancon when the nadir in barbell, control barbell forcibly, but not complete extend.

4, dot of the inclined weight lifting that hold a turn in the palm exercises single hand dumbbell humerus bicipital flesh peak and depict muscle line. Behavioral essentials: Sit on stool, the hand grasps dumbbell instead, the arm is put in inclined board on unbend. To maintain body balance, usable do not hold bell hand to handhold inclined board. The upper arm turn of 2 flesh systole lifts dumbbell to arrive when apogee squash forcibly, undertake peak contracts, pause moment a bit. Control sex is reductive, the arm is sufficient extend, but not complete unbend. Finish a side changes side redo.

These methods can try if wanting to take exercise, had better be to loosen the mood, this gesture that make must want to do, be being finished reasonably normally so also is best to his constitution, exercise the pose that when pull-up moves, must want to master a standard, should fall, go up on this, andShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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And this kind of motion is very demanding, oneself must insist to come down.

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