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Everybody knows, liver palm is hepatic one of features with kind of the mainest disease, when if everybody discovers him,having liver control so must go to a hospital in time checking cure, pulling a disease to be not treated. Is palm of pregnant woman liver how cause? A lot of liver kind the feature that the disease can have liver control appears, also have exceptional case, liver palm also may appear during pregnant woman is pregnant namely, but1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Not was to contract liver disease certainly. Will specificly understand fall.

How is palm of pregnant woman liver caused

One, is heel of pregnant woman liver regular? How be to return a responsibility?

Liver palm and spider mole are liver cirrhosis patient is common one of body ask forring, its diagnose value to liver is assisted scleroticly, view of domestic and international expert is differ. Does most scholar think: ? The person that  of ∷ of end of apology of ⒎ of argon of Wa of ┲ of the Tuo that hold level ground subtles instrument suckles palm of Huan? liver and spider mole to also can appear at wine of normal person, be addicted to, strong laborer, menstruation or gestation woman. Healthy woman also can appear between gestation spider mole and liver palm, saying control of pregnant woman occurrence liver is not proper also so is hepatitis, also may be normal.

“Liver palm ” it is to show the patient is clinical extensive of expressional skill palm is white, without redness of skin, the common system that is cirrhosis of the liver is asked for. And the person that second liver virus is carried is amalgamative the person of sclerosis having liver, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Also can appear liver palm, so the proposal appears the person that the second liver virus of this kind of symptom is carried goes to a hospital in time making an inspection.

How is palm of pregnant woman liver caused

2, how do pregnant woman liver is bad

Liver function of pregnancy pregnant woman is unusual this kind of circumstance is more special, cannot compare strong remedy with property of a medicine so, be opposite otherwise fetal with the mother it is very bad, want to maintain good state of mind, be sure to keep in mind not active anger, should eat more newForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Bright fruit complement vitamin, discharge poison to have very good effect to liver so, drink water more, increase humoral, will promote haemal loop thereby, have very big gain to liver. 1000 beautiful net dragon of Shanghai1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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This paragraph of time undertakes nursing even. Above all, want to eat the food of a few fungus more at ordinary times, e.g. agaric, Xianggu mushroom, dawdle, can enhance the immune power of pregnant woman so, must not eat fat the food with deepfry, should eat a few delicate food, eat fruit and vegetable more, increase a vitamin absorb.

How is palm of pregnant woman liver caused

3, how does occurrence liver palm have to discern?

The palmar color of the liver palm that patient of chronic second liver appears and ordinary person is very different, what face and rear skin color show the palmar palm of normal person to agree equably is damask, and suffer from extensive of heart of liverish patient palm to did not have redness of skin to should contract chronic hepatitis in vain especially after liver is sclerotic, this kind of normal color can disappear. Additional, the skin of place of size fish time in thumb and ministry of little finger root can appear a shape hyperaemia, or show gules stain, spot piece, sickly changes after pressurization. This kind of palm that differs with normal person calls liver control. Liver cirrhosis is illSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Philtrum, palm of major easy amalgamative liver.

The expert points out, look from clinical cure, in patient of cirrhosis of the liver is being reached when the person that second liver virus is carried comes on, palm of major easy amalgamative liver.

4, the person that is second liver virus carried palm of meeting occurrence liver?

Liver ill expert expresses, when the person that carry when second liver virus comes on, because liver function drops, the metabolization of estrogen destroys vivid function produces the obstacle of different level, for a long time, estrogen is accumulated inside body much, stimulate wool arteriole hyperaemia, dilate, formed liver palm.

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