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The word that if classics regular meeting feels his gastric bowel has burn among the path,feels should want to go to a hospital doing gastroscope to check instantly, project of this kind of examination ability is OK whether is the interior of more detailed gastric bowel path that knows oneself to appear a few unusual situations, once the word of diagnose should want hold to cure, cannot quit quite, and needForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Want to perserve, the time that the word of this kind of disease treats is longer still, suffer from1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Person should have hope to cure.

 The stomach feels burn

1, this point is in Baal classics clump plantar bottom, below joint of 23 toe palm, A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Take with the hand when searching this point, can feel the place that one caves. After finding the place, undertake massage, undertake massage according to the direction from next upgrade.

2, the place of the first condyle below foot of beetle-crusher of gastric massage bipod is in cave the position, the massage direction of or so foot has some of difference a little, left foot should from outside toward inside massage, right leg criterion from inside massage outside.

3, below clump of adrenal sun nerve most in, it is OK to go searching with finger the feeling has one small hole cave, adrenal the position in sole is the deepest hollow place, this reflex area is found harder. Undertake with pressing the way that puts when massage.

4, the reflection area with pancreas dirty dirty pancreas is in bipod sole inside, of the stomach below, with the grain that a few small protruding can find when the hand is felt. Or so foot is massaged have difference, left foot from outside toward inside by, right leg from inside press outside.

5, the reflection area of duodenum duodenum is in bipod sole inside, of area of pancreas dirty reflex below of cystic reflex area above, can feel when be felt with the hand have cave, the method of same massage is left foot from outside toward inside by, right leg from inside press outside.

6, the position of courage courage is in the upper part of plantar half, leave azimuth place with joint of 34 toe palm, those who have strip can feel to cave when be felt with the hand channel, here is the reflection area of bravery, the area is being reflexed in massage courage is to answer from next upgradeForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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7, lymph of bosom lymph bosom is lymphatic master switch, its position is on crural ministry instep, be in beetle-crusher foot and the place that cave between the 2nd toe. When massaging from the foot outside side is pushed toward calcaneal direction byLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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 The stomach feels burn

8, the position of lymph of the upper part of the body of lymph of the upper part of the body is in bipod instep inside, be located in the upper part of ankle joint, those who use a hand when feeling, also have cave feeling, when undertaking massage, use from outside toward inside massage means undertakes.


Acupuncture effect is distinct. Or dietotherapy, medicaments just assists a gender, cannot effect a radical cure, can lash-up, eat the food of acrimony stimulation less at ordinary times, should wear warm, do not want catch cold catch cold.

Ministry of Fan Yiwei Wan often produces the ill evidence that gives priority to sorely, call stomach-ache. Urgent, chronic gastritis, ulcer of stomach, duodenum is ill, and gastric neurosis all be main show sorely with gastral cavity. The dietotherapy of stomach-ache square commonly usedLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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(1) Laojiang, brown sugar, pound ginger juice to go broken bits, the evaporate that lie between soup 10 minutes of boil, enter brown sugar dissolve close cream, take with 4 days, daily take early, late 1 times each.

 The stomach feels burn

Effect: Wen Zhong comes loose cold.

(2) honey, brown sugar right amount, safflower. Put safflower in vacuum cup, boiling water develops bubble, build upper cover, classics bubble after 10 minutes, immediately transfers into honey, brown sugar, take the advantage of hot drink to take.

Effect: With ulcer of gastric benefit bowel, acetanilide dispel.

(3) does monkshood of ginger, broil. Monkshood of will dry ginger, broil in all dolly is fine, place is only implement in, put yellow rice or millet wine next 500 milliliter, sealed, classics 7 leave in the future take, go broken bits reserves. Daily and anteprandial lukewarm take 1~2 cup, day is taken 3 times.

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