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Staying up late is very big to the harm of the hair, stay up late above all can bring about metabolism to reduce, pigment precipitates, cause the happening of black rim of the eye and Huang Heban, meet those who cause a hair grow thereby. Morpheus is not worth the phenomenon of meeting occurrence lose one’s hair, because stay up late,can cause endocrinopathy, thereby the growth of the hair can be restrained, the symptom that appears to send, stay up late so the harm influence of other to hair and body function is very big.

 Stay up late the harm that correct sends

Stay up late the influence that correct sends

The scientific terminology that stay up late is Morpheus strips (Sleep

Deprivation) , stay up late drive paper and stay up late hit game to perhaps stay up late doing other business is Morpheus strips, pure Morpheus strips and can not bring about a hair directly, some person habits sleep everyday 45 hours, also won’t drop a hair.

Dropping a hair is the action of a variety of elements, for instance you are in the condition of a kind of angst when driving a paper to perhaps be reviewed, this meeting makes your internal system produces metabolic; for instance because you do not sleep immune function is affected, hormonal secrete (not be androgen certainly) be waited a moment by interference.

Why do a lot of people have the feeling that stays up late to send?

As above place says, because,be mental pressure. Major person stays up late to be in the condition of insecurity of a kind of spiritForum of Shanghai night net

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, and before the scientist uses drosophila experiment to reach Morpheus strips also can activation pressure is relevant gene. All sorts of balances that pressure makes the body in-house adjust be disturbed, hormone level appears unusual. Already research makes clear, pressure can cause dispersion sex trichomadesis and ceaseFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Stop period trichomadesis and spot are bald, silent period trichomadesis, just as its name implies, it is the hair arrives from growth period ahead of schedule silent period cause trichomadesis.

Staying up late is not the immediate cause that causes trichomadesis, drop a hair more because pressure is great,be, when staying up late of course generalFall in love with the sea

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Can cause mental pressure, but from want to close a gender to look, the relationship that drops hair and pressure is more close. Though stay up late,won’t bring about trichomadesis directly, but still should persuade big1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The home sleeps early, because,friend of a lot of hair is not ” insomnia, job ” wait for a reason to just stay up late, however because suffer fromFall in love with the sea

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Went up — ” sleep late force disease ” .

 Stay up late the harm that correct sends

Sleep late force disease

Sleep late forcing disease is actually on psychology a kind ” protracted disease ” , too persistent, inimical, concern is inducement. Can reflect the other side of the life. A lot of people tell regular meetingShanghai Long Feng forum

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Feel ” oneself should sleep ” , but ” it is not dozy ” , this also are ” sleep late force disease ” distinction at ” insomnia ” , insomnia is dozy but sleep to be not worn. A lot of people have evening to sleep now force disease.

Stay up late those who bring endanger

1, deaf tinnitus

Morpheus inadequacy is easy cause inner ear to offer hematic inadequacy, harm audition, stay up late for a long time to bring about deaf possibly.

2, fat

The person that stay up late can eat normally a few ” food taken late at night ” , after eating, digest hard, and still can cause morrow morning inappetence, bring about nutrient disequilibrium, cause fat.

3, quicken consenescence

Our skin is in nightly 10, can enter at 11 o’clock maintain condition, stay up late for long, the person’s endocrine and neurological meet maladjusted, make the skin dry, stretch poor, dark and gloomy does not have light, appear the problem such as dark sore, acne, shading.

 Stay up late the harm that correct sends

4, memory drops

The sympathetic of the person that stay up late keeps excited in night, arrived to be able to appear by day bloodless, dazed head goes up, memory drops, attention is not centered, unresponsive etc.

5, crisis of intestines and stomach

Maw mucous membrane is epithelial average 2-3 day is about to be updated, and be commonly be in nightly undertake. If nightly dine, the burden that bowel of can aggravating stomach, affect its repair process. If food taken late at night is long stop in the stomach, make a large number of exudation of gastric juice, cause stimulation to gastric mucous membrane, as time passes, already caused erosion of gastric mucous membrane, ulcer.

6, immune force drops

Often be in stay up late, the condition with fatigue, depressed spirit, the immune force of human body can drop accordingly, cold, allergy find your head to go up with respect to what can come unexpectedly.

7, heart disease risk

Long-term ” black and white reverse ” person, not only disposition is met addle, splanchnic also cannot get adjust in time, make the sicken odds of heart disease elevatory.

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