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Control in a year old when darling when, had eaten powdered milk rarely, this time can take to darling many complementary feed, but have a few baby they can be carried quite feed, when having a meal, they always do not love to eat, the reason that darling does not love to have a meal had likelihood and a lot of kinds of darling to fall ill, relative do not have interest possibly also to matter to food itself with darling, so a year old of many darling does not eatForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
How should the meal do?

A year old of many darling does not have a meal

A year old of darling does not have a meal, if darling did not have a fever, without have loose bowels, mental in order, it is not to like to have a meal merely, consider to lay rational issue above all, have undesirable habit, TV is put to darling when for instance darling has a meal, draw attention, there is have one’s sleep out when darling sleeps in the evening, often give darling snack, snacks abdomen crowded, darling is nodded to the meal when not hungry, the composition that have a meal, sort is more onefold, darling does not have what appetite to wait. After removing these issues, can consider the issue of pathology sex. Darling is short of zinc, darling caught a cold uncomfortable, darling is abdomen bilges, what defecate pulls is rare these problems. If have this kind of problem, can go to a hospital seeing a doctor.

The quantity of heat that actually place of this moment motion wants baby has 1000 calorie only about, what do not think like treasure Mom is so much, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The darling that does not have a meal, because they do not need really,the likelihood is. After a year old the growth of darling speed puts delay, their appetite can drop apparently, this is normal.

A year old of many darling does not have a meal

Arrive the time that have a meal, treasure Mom are met try every means feeds darling to have a thing, but darling people present dietary habit is not stable, he may want to be able to eat a lot of, the thing has no longer in very long period of time next. Treasure Mom can prepare nourishing food, let him eat when thinking of to eat, do the nutrition that also can let darling to achieve so evenly

Darling may reject to have a meal, but always reject not to come these tall caloric small snacks, right way should be, receive in darling refus after having a meal, do not allow him to eat cracker, because ignite him this time to be fed to offerring caloric onlySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
The interest of content, did not love to have a meal more, this meeting brings about darling to lack vitamin and absorb minerally.

A year old of many darling does not have a meal

If darling does not love to have a meal, and treasure Mom eliminated again darling falls ill or body unwell circumstance, perhaps need not worry too so, can as far as possible a few have indispensible battalion nurturanceNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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What the food of cent does is more diversiform, can attract darling interest more, let darling want to there can be more choices when eating.

Additional, the thing that some moment children like to eat is not fixed, so treasure Mom also wants to be able to adjust cookbook in time, commutation gives more pattern to explore the be fond of of darling.

It is not easy to raise the child, one drink is bringing their feed into play parental mood, this is concerning what the body physical ability of darling denies health to grow, also be in what be darling lifetime fitness lays a foundation. The constitution of every darling alsoFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Different, if the food of darling is really overmuch too little perhaps, still should look after children go seeing a doctor, listen to the doctor’s proposal.

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